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Many illnesses and diseases cannot be detected solely by physical exam.  We utilizes the most up to date machines and veterinary diagnostic tools such as blood screening, ultrasound and radiographs to give accurate diagnosis.

Blood tests help our doctors determine your pet's health status, so we make the best medical decisions. Although performing these tests cannot guarantee that complications won't occur, it can reduce the risk to your pet and provide you peace of mind. Regardless of age, physical examination and medical history of your pet, we recommend diagnostic testing to identify health problems early and begin any treatment necessary.

Even if your pet is not ill, blood work establishes a baseline that provides important information to monitor your pet's health for the years to come. With a baseline we have a reference point for comparison. This allows us to monitor changes if your pet does become ill or as your pet moves through life stages. Monitoring your pet's health status on a regular basis allows us to differentiate between the normal and abnormal.

If your pet is going to be placed under anesthesia, we strongly recommend pre-anesthetic testing. Anesthesia is extremely safe for healthy pets. But, if your pet is not healthy (and sometimes it's hard to tell without testing), complications can occur both during and after the anesthetic procedure. We can minimize potential risk when we know the health status of your pet before administering anesthesia.