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Preventative & Wellness Care


Pets are very important to their owners, providing them not only with happiness and unselfish loyalty, but also with companionship, physical contact, a focus of attention, protection, and a stimulus for exercise.

Preventive care is the most important component of health care in all of the life stages for both humans and animals in maintaining and prolonging a high quality of life. Pets today have an increased life expectancy primarily due to advances in veterinary medical care and nutrition, highly effective vaccination and heartworm prevention programs and better care provided by more informed pet owners.

The staff at Evers Veterinary Clinic strive to keep your pets healthy and happy. To assure this we recommend yearly comprehensive physical exams, vaccines, internal parasite testing and prevention, heartworm and flea control, specialized blood tests for all life stages and proper nutrition recommendations. Our goal is to create a long lasting healthy relationship with your pet and family.

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